Our People

Our People

We are abner tech

Abner Technology Group Limited is a British Virgin Islands company that owns and operates the BeTheGame™ live sports watching and in-play wagering platform. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Abner Innovation Laboratories Limited, a British Columbia, Canada incorporated company that designs and develops disruptive technologies.

We are sports fans. We invent interactive and intuitive experiences that enrich your engagement and enjoyment of watching and wagering on your favourite live sports and events on your online devices.

We are nerds with attitude. Our proprietary intellectual property includes artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and neural network technology that deliver a simple, safe and secure way for you to watch and wager on live sports and events.

Sports betting will be as much about the technology used as it is about online betting.

Ken Berman, Gorilla Trades


Our technology combines ground-breaking features of live event viewing, wagering and gaming through an immersive and interactive platform that heighten your engagement and enjoyment of your viewing and betting experience.
We think outside the box. We question assumptions. We push boundaries. We provoke our teams to be insatiably curious, take risks and find better ways to solve puzzles. We constantly innovate, improve and expand our products and service delivery.
We value entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage passion and creativity. We empower our teams to think and act like shareholders, clients and users of our technology.  We work smart, move with a sense of urgency and have the courage to change course and remain constructively discontent.
We appreciate community. Our team members, our partners, our shareholders and users of our technology are the rock stars of our business and the reason we get up and go to work each day. We value our relationship with you.
We are making the betting industry a bigger and better place than we found it, one technology at a time. And we’re having lots of fun doing it, too.