BeTheGame™ is a proprietary technology platform that lets you watch and wager on live sports and other events on your mobile phone, tablet, smart TV or any other internet-connected device.

BeTheGame™ is licensed to sportsbooks as a white label platform offered under their brands to complement existing offerings on their online portfolio. It is a unique platform that does not cannibalize but complements current online options for bettors on the web sites of leading sportsbooks.

BeTheGame™ expects to lead with its showcase sport by launching the NFL on its platform powered by real time official NFL data and live video streams. BeTheGame™ has the capacity to quickly add sports and other events such as fantasy sports and reality TV on a modular basis. BeTheGame™ expects to tailor an individual menu of sports for each sportsbook based on client requirements, geography and availability of data and streams.

BeTheGame will change the face of global sports betting interaction forever and take it to the masses.

Rasmus Sojmark
Founder and CEO
SBC Global Sports Betting Community

Top 10 reasons to use BeTheGame™ to watch and wager on your favourite sports and events:
  • Watch and wager on a single screen (no juggling devices)
  • Full control over how much you bet and how often you get questions
  • All proposition bets are expressed as simple questions
  • All questions are presented as even money (no odds, no systems)
  • Individual questions for individual bettors
  • Real time questions about what is happening next in your game, right now
  • Gamified experience (like playing video games)
  • Participate in quizzes and micro-games (before, during and after games)
  • Individual, head to head and group play
  • Leaderboards let you grow communities of friends, family and sports fans

Top 10 reasons for sportsbooks to license BeTheGame™ to include on their web sites:
  • Complements but does not cannibalize existing offerings
  • Modular architecture scales to any sport and other real time event
  • High frequency, repetitive betting builds momentum and encourages frequent bets
  • Cost effective bettor acquisition and retention channel
  • Appeals to new bettors, the holy grail of acquisition campaigns
  • Leaderboards and quizzes extend engagement and improve yields
  • Commercials cross-sell other products and can target specific groups
  • Tracks users and builds profiles of useful (and valuable) behavioral data
  • Targets predicable gross gaming yield (GGY)
  • Manages volatility risks

BeTheGame™ is a complex technology ecosystem driven by proprietary intellectual property with world-class system capabilities:

    • BeTheGame™ scales
      It expands the universe of sports and events (eSports, reality TV) by adding modules
    • BeTheGame™ is stable
      It operates to specifications at scale with multiple redundancies that defeat disruptions
    • BeTheGame™ is fast
      It operates in real time and breaks information into divisible packets of super fast data
    • BeTheGame™ is secure
      It includes sophisticated security architecture that safeguards bettors and sportsbooks
    • BeTheGame™ is simple
      It delivers simple questions with no odds and many bettor engagement opportunities
    • BeTheGame™ is safe
      It enables sportsbooks to target a predictable GGY and manage volatility risks